Insurance For Afghanistan

We provide insurance cover tailored to meet the specific needs of those involved in complex humanitarian missions, construction and rebuilding projects, legal advocacy, medical assistance and more.

Not working in Afghanistan? We provide specialist insurance for a variety of challenging locations including Israel/Gaza, Ukraine, Iraq, Iran and many more. Visit for details.

Specialist global insurance for people or organisations on assignment to Afghanistan, and the local people they work with.

Our experience providing insurance to people working in conflict zones worldwide allows us to offer tailored policies aligned with the unique challenges faced by people travelling to Afghanistan to offer humanitarian, medical or professional support, as well as the local citizens they employ or work with as part of their duties. 

我们可以承保意外死亡和伤残、疾病和意外医疗费用,以及可能的医疗后送和康复以及必要的遣返 - 具体取决于您购买的具体保单。




Our individual insurance cover is tailored to meet the needs of people both working in their home country and while on assignment to Afghanistan.


为他人投保 — 本地雇员保险

Our local employee insurance allows organisations to insure the people they work with in Afghanistan —meeting their duty of care requirement.



Designed for organisations employing groups of professionals visiting or working in Afghanistan with cover extending to their own country.

working in Afghanistan. 

The situation in Afghanistan remains deeply complex and challenging, marked by significant human and geopolitical consequences. Amid the ongoing conflict, there has been a significant influx of international support, including humanitarian aid, medical assistance, and professional services from various sectors such as construction, legal, and engineering. 

Organisations, professionals, and volunteers from around the globe are working in a highly complex environment to offer their expertise and support to Afghanistan recovery and rebuilding efforts. The volatile security situation, the potential for further conflict escalation, and the widespread damage to infrastructure necessitate comprehensive insurance coverage.

Our specialist coverage ensures that individuals and organisations — as well as the local people they work with — operating in high-risk environments within Afghanistan are insured against unforeseen incidents, allowing them to focus on their essential work. 


Insurance for Group 是领先的专业保险解决方案提供商,为全球范围内(包括冲突地区和危险地区)运营的组织和个人提供保险解决方案。我们提供全面且价格合理的保险,并辅以卓越的服务,在最具挑战性的情况下让您高枕无忧 — 确保我们的客户能够专注于他们的重要工作。

访问 了解更多信息,或访问我们的专门网站之一,了解针对特定角色或特定位置的报道。 


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Discover the unique value we offer to individuals, organisations and the local people they employ as part of their work in Afghanistan.









Insure yourself, your local team, or your organisation while working in Afghanistan with our specialised insurance.